Bob and Muffy Unger

Our corporate out-of-state relocation required an expedited home search. Had it not been for your outstanding website we would never have foundy out start the process.

Your exceptional knowledge of the Park Cities and surrounding areas,coupled with tireless efforts allowed us to accomplish our goal in very little time.Your ability to recognize and assimilate our home desires made it particularly easy for us to trust your guidance. One of your strongest traits being your candid feedback,allowed us to stay on track rather than waver,as so often happens.

There were many times when were lied on your network of contacts and specialists as we narrowed the field of homes and sought advice on matters about which we were unfamiliar. As we began the buying negotiations, your tenacious advocacy of our position, made us comfortable with you in the lead.

The final offer and counter-offer process required your careful attention to detail. Keeping the lender on track and seeing us through the typical gauntlet of closing was a relief for sure.

Jane,in our nine moves domestic and international, you proved to be our best realtor. What a pleasure it was to work with you.Thanks again for your help in our successful move in to our beautiful Park Cities/Dallas home.

Bob and Muffy Unger