North Dallas

Dallas is a vibrant city with petals that open up to real estate offerings for every taste and pocket. One of the most desirous areas is Preston Hollow. North of Park Cities but still south of the LBJ/635 expressway and east of the Tollway you’ll find larger lot sizes and a mix of two-story, and ranch style homes. There are beautiful new houses being built in the wake of some of the smaller cottages. It’s a very desirable area with a resale ceiling that is dependent on your particular home NOT a conforming neighborhood price ceiling (this is not a “planned subdivision” as such and there is considerable difference in house age, style, size, etc.).  Averages are in the $600,000- $3,200,000 +/- range for an older home that has been somewhat updated and about $1,500,000-$6,500,000          million +/- for a new(er) home with approximately 4000+ square feet and all the features you’d expect.

West of the Dallas Tollway, east of Midway, and still south of LBJ you will find the estate areas of Strait Lane, larger properties and a real mix of homes. In the $500,000-800,000 range you’ll find primarily ranch or California ranch – approximately 25 years old.  As you go higher in price you can move into newer, and/or larger estate properties and the market definitely widens with a high end of around $9 million