About Park Cities

A Piece of Park Cities History
Interesting historical information on the Park Cities,
prepared for Cub Scout Pack 84

I came upon the following article in the Highland Park library. With the gracious permission of LaVern Lankford, I want to share it with you.

Please click and print these two links so you can follow along as we start our historical walk of Park Cities!

Dear Leaders of Cub Scout Pack 84,

Attached is background material for the historical achievenemt (number 6) in the Cub Scout Bear Book. I hope the map below is self explanatory and will help you fulfill the requirement.

In the process of gathering thie data I have heard such interesting (and sometimes conflicting) stories that I wanted to share them with you. Please select the information that will be of interest to your Cubs and enjoy the rest of it yourselves.

Happy Explorations in the past!

LaVern Lankford – 11/17/79

Thanks and appreciation for the time and help in gathering all these interesting stories, from LaVern Lankford:

  • Maxine Anderson
    Town of Highland Park, Librarian
  • Ronny Brown
    Town of Highland Park, Water Dept.
  • Bill & Max Daniel, Daniel Cleaners
  • Phoebe Davis
    University Secretary, SMU
  • Dr. Herbert Gambrell
    Retired SMU Professor
  • Ralph E. Hamman
    Retired City Mgr./Clerk/Sec. of Univ.Park, now employed at Preston State Bank
  • Dr. Don G. Kilgore
  • Mr. James A. Kilgore
  • Ronnie Kline

    SMU Public Relations

  • Dr. Ronald Knickerbocker
    SMU Archives
  • Mr. Newton Manning
    Retired Principal of R.S. Hyer
  • Mrs. Joy Montgomery
    Town of Highland Park