Buyer Q/A

  1. How are you compensated?
    The seller agrees to a commission when he/she lists the home. A percentage of that commission is designated for buyer representation and is built into the listing agreement and the MLS listing. Whether the buyer chooses to have their own agent representation is their decision. Texas is an intermediary state. You will be fully informed as to the responsibilities of a Buyer’s Representative, Seller’s Representative or, Intermediary.
  2. How many buyers have you successfully represented?
    At least half of my business is representation of buyers – many times those same buyers have also been or will be sellers as well.
  3. Will there be a written contract?
    Yes. In order for me to do the best possible job for you, I must have the authority to represent you. This makes it possible for me to make available to you past histories of homes, comparable sales in the neighborhood, tax records, etc. I try to make the Buyer’s Representation Agreement to cover only the immediate areas or property that we will cover and for a short period of time. In that way, it gives both of us the opportunity to see if we can work together and to amend the time period to be longer if we choose.
  4. What days/hours are you available to show us homes?
    I work basically 7 days a week – excluding Sunday mornings.
  5. Do you have access for For Sale by Owner (FSBO)?
    Most FSBO sellers will honor Realtors commissions when representing buyers.
  6. Do you work with Relocation? How will you assist in my relocation plans?
    Yes. I will work to make the move smooth and “as enjoyable as possible”. I work with many buyers through my website who are considering a move into the Dallas area. Having personally moved “out of state” at least 6 times over the past 30 years, I appreciate what part a good Realtor plays in a successful move. I am a Certified Relocation Specialist.
    Allie Beth Allman & Associates is a member of the largest World-wide network of Brokers/Realtors. I can offer professional service whether you are moving into Dallas or, out of Dallas -anywhere!
  7. What training have you taken that specifically relates to representing buyers?
    I have worked in the service industry for over 55 years and I am a Relocation Specialist.
  8. Can you tell me why I should work with you versus using another agent?
    I am technological savvy – very important in today’s market. Also, I am tenacious. Buying or selling a home is one of the most important business transactions that a person enters into- if not THE most important. The choice of a professional Realtor can be equally as important.

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