Southeast Historical Old East Dallas

Abrams Brookside
Exquisite dell, lined with towering trees and large historic homes, snugs against a lush golf course. Stylish brick cottages and new mansions complete the neighborhood.

Edgemont Park
Boasts a mixture of spacious, well-tended homes (mostly Tudor and Spanish in style) which are very desirable apartments.

Gaston Avenue
Has large, historic brick homes, interspersed with apartment complexes from the 1960s now undergoing rehabilitation. A new zoning PD and new townhomes signal a bright future.

Gastonwood/Coronado Hills
Features well-tended brick homes, near White Rock Lake.

Hollywood Heights
Picturesque 1920’s Tudor cottages are set amidst rolling hills and mature trees. Minimal Traditional homes were added here during the 1940s. An active, friendly neighborhood group and Conservation District status add to this charming area.

Junius Heights
Has Prairie Foursquares , Craftsman bungalows, and many brick period house styles developed in the 1920s.

Mill Creek
Features homes dating from the 1880s to 1920. The neighborhood includes the Peak’s Suburban Addition Historic District, which enjoys tax incentives. A broad mixture of housing types, ranging from Queene Anne to Prairie style, are found here.

Mount Auburn
Combines frame Craftsman cottages with easy accessibility to Tenison Park and the Samuell-Grand Recreation Center.

Munger Place Historic District
Part of the same 1905 development as Swiss Avenue, was saved in the 1970s by a community-wide effort. The handsome, two-story American Foursquare homes feature broad porches, supported by Prairie-style piers or elegant Neoclassical columns.

Swiss Avenue Historic District
Was the centerpiece of the 1905 Munger Place planned neighborhood. Today it’s one of the finest early 20th century neighborhoods in the Southwest, with more than 200 stately homes in more than a dozen architectual styles. Adjacent Bryan Parkway offers one of the best collections of Craftsman-style homes found in Texas.

Northwest Historical Old  East Dallas