Seller Q/A

    1. Do you offer a complimentary market analysis?
      Of course! I also find that often before a resident makes a decision to remodel or invest more money into their present home, they will ask me to do a market analysis so that they can see the cost basis of remodeling or possibly selling and buying up a larger house/lot that already has the renovations.
    2. What percentage of your listings sell?
      Approximately 98%. Occasionally, plans change and a seller will change their mind and decide to stay put in their existing location.
    3. What percentage of your own listings do you sell?
      I sell approximately 30% of my own listings.
    4. What is your average sales price vs listed price?
      In the markets that I cover, usually the home will sell close to the last listed price.
    5. What is the average time to sell a home?
      If the seller takes the advice of my market analysis (CMA), approximately 30‐90 days. If a seller would like to test the market with a price that is a little higher than advised, I will work with them. Obviously, the condition and location of the home in addition to the price listed at will directly affect the time needed to sell the home. In some cases – 6 months or more is needed.
    6. What is the length of your listing agreement?
      The average length of my listing agreement is 6 months. This gives me sufficient time in front to plan for and to schedule the best marketing coverage.
    7. How often will you report to me?
      I will be in constant contact with you. WE will both have withdrawal symptoms after the closing! I will submit you a detailed report of all showings every two weeks with verbatim feedback from the showings.
    8. How many homes have you sold?
      Over $135,000,000 in home sales.
    9. Should you not perform, can I cancel the listing agreement?
      No one can survive in a service business with unhappy customers. If you feel that I am not performing to your specifications and/or if I feel that that I cannot represent you as you require – yes, of course..
    10. Can you provide me with a specific written marketing plan for selling my home?
      Yes. However, I prefer to loosely plan and then adjust and adapt as we discover the market’s reception to your specific home and circumstances.
    11. Can you tell me why I should work with you versus using another agent?
      There are many good agents but with different work ethics, marketing approaches, and, in general, ways of doing business. I will explain to you how I operate and what I view as important. Additionally, I will show you what I have done in the past for other sellers and references from them. I am marketing oriented, tenacious and extremely pro‐active. In addition, Allie Beth Allman & Associates sells more real estate than ANY other company in Dallas. And, with their national relationships, is part of the leaders of real estate world wide.


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