Listings Services

Before working with a real estate broker, you should know that the duties of a broker depend on whom the broker represents.

The broker becomes the seller’s agent by entering into an agreement with the seller, usually through a written Listing Agreement, or by agreeing to act as a subagent by accepting an offer of subagency from the listing broker. A subagent may work in a different real estate office. A listing broker or subagent can assist the buyer but does not represent the buyer and must place the interest of the seller first.

The buyer should not tell the seller’s agent anything the buyer would not want the seller to know because a seller’s agent must disclose to the seller any material information known to the agent; i.e.: how much the buyer can spend, etc.

If you are considering putting your house on the market, contact me. I will prepare for you acurrent comparable market analysis of your home by evaluating the selling price per square foot, property size, and amenities of all comparable sales within the last 6 months.

When you are ready to list your home, I will actively represent you in the listing, marketing and selling of your property.  Below is an appreviated list of services that I perform for my listings:


1.   Comparable Market Analysis

2.   Professional Pictures of Property

3.   Measurements 

4.   Assimilation of MLS data information

5.   MLS entry/ information/descriptive comments

6.   Begin CSS service for home – if applicable.

7.   2 to 4 Page Color Graphics / Formation of, Printing – Initial printing of 50

8.   Copies of Seller’s Disclosure for Agents – Initial printing of 10

9.   Put-Up Sign – Idzi’s personal Office Number on Sign for all sign calls. (Does not go to office “up-desk”)

10. Construct and print one-page graphics for Sign hanger and keep stocked – if applicable.

11. E-Mail to 2100+ area Agents

12. E-Mail to Prospective Buyers

13. Mail announcements to neighborhood/two streets each direction

14. MLS Tour

            Sit on Property during 2-hour tour period to greet agents and answer questions

            Black/White Graphics

16. Make appointments/show property and/or log CSS showings into Seller’s database

17. Call agents for appointment feedback and log into file on daily basis

18. Public Open House(s). Every 2 weeks if needed. (Mail invitations to prospective buyers/neighborhood/? –

 Feedback from Open House / Feedback from agents/prospective buyers following day(s)

19. Weekly Seller Reports on all showings/feedback (as obtained from agents)

20. Present Contract Offer(s)

21. Represent seller in contract negotiations between all parties, making sure needed forms and addenda are present in   contract.

22. After agreed on and executed, placement of Contract into Title Company

23. Schedule potential buyer’s inspection with all parties

24. Availability during potential buyer’s inspection to get answers to any questions or potential miss-information.

25. Negotiation of Addendum(s) following inspections and whatever that might entail: possible re-inspections, scheduling of professional estimates, etc.

26. Keep all parties, including Title Company abreast of any/all changes in contract

27. Continual communication with Buyer’s lender regarding state of potential mortgage

28. Continual pulse on dates in contract and parties to the contract

29. Scheduling of appraisal of property between all parties. Meet appraiser with property comps.  If property does not comp, – argue value for seller.

30. Scheduling of survey of property between all parties

31. Scheduling of Closing times/location for seller(s)

32. Consultation regarding pre-closing activities

31. Pre-inspection of HUD statement. Making sure that seller has documents in enough time to look over and inspect    

before closing (to the best of my control over the situation)

32. Do all that I can to make the sale of property as easy as possible for seller.

If you are considering the sale of your home, contact me. A home is one of your most valuable possessions if not the largest. I will treat it as such.