Real Estate Advisor

Challenging Property Tax Assessments
“The assessment placed on a piece of property is the value that will be used to determine how much property tax will be owed . . .”

Change of Address
“A change of address filed with the post office will not notify people and companies that you have moved . . .”

Considerations When Selling
“Homes are purchased by comparison and you have only one property to show . . .”

Garage Sale Hints
“Use well created, attractive signs to direct people to your home. The nicer the sign, the more attention it will attract . . .”

Home Improvements Make a Difference
“Kitchens and bathrooms will date a home quicker than anything. And an updated kitchen with new appliances, counter tops and attractive cabinets will make buyers get excited and can make the difference when deciding between two homes . . .”

How to Plan the Perfect Move
” Whether it’s the sale of a home, your first home purchase, a move-up, a move-down, or a relocation across the country, Jane S. Idzi can help you . . .”

Refinancing Your Home
” There are many “rules of thumb” used to determine when is the right time to refinance a home. You might have heard something like, the interest rate on the new loan must be at least two percent less than the old loan or it is not a good decision . . .”

Remodeling Values
“Certain remodeling projects will increase the livability and the marketability of a home. Some projects will actually increase the value of the home and allow an owner to recapture the cost of the updating or additions . . .”

Sale of Principal Residence
“The Internal Revenue Code allows qualifying persons an exclusion on the gain from their personal residence up to $500,000 . . .”

Sale of Principal Residence
“The Internal Revenue Code allows qualifying persons an exclusion on the gain from their personal residence up to $500,000 . . .”

Should You Add-on or Move?
“This is a question that many people are faced with: Should we add on to our existing home or should we sell our house and buy a new home? The question can be perplexing but, with a little analysis, one can arrive at a logical solution . . .”

Should You Pre-pay Your Mortgage?
“There are two sides to this question just as there are to most questions. So, in order to get the right advice for your situation, a few other considerations have to be made first . . .”

Time to Buy? or Sell? (January 9, 2005)
“If time is on your side, waiting might be the best initiative. If moving is eminent, proper pricing is crucial. . . .”

Tips on Packing
“A substantial amount of money can be saved by packing your household goods for short distance moves. To insure safety for your belongings, care should to undertaken to pack properly . . .”

Video Your Personal Belongings
“Why not use this technology to make a video record of all of the personal possessions in your home just in case you have a burglary or fire? If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video with sound has to be worth ten thousand . . .”

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt Your Credit
“When was the last time you saw a copy of your personal credit report? If it hasn’t been recently, then it may be time to get a copy, especially if you’re considering a real estate purchase in the near future . . .”