Tips on Packing

A substantial amount of money can be saved by packing your household goods for short distance moves. To insure safety for your belongings, care should to undertaken to pack properly.
Use strong containers, in good condition, that can be sealed with strapping tape. These can be purchased locally from moving companies.
Keep in mind what the box will weigh after it is loaded. Forty to fifty pounds is considered the maximum.
Empty spaces in boxes should be filled with crumpled newspaper or bubble wrap to keep things from shifting in transit.
Books should be stacked on end and generally in smaller boxes than other things due to their weight.
Label each box after packing, first, so that the movers will know which room to put it in and second, to help you to prioritize which ones need to be opened first.
Remove all breakables from drawers before moving furniture.
Don’t pack valuables such as jewelry, collections, checks or savings books.
Packing takes longer than you expect, so allow plenty of time. Pack items that aren’t frequently used first and unpack them last.
Organization in packing will save you hours of time and frustration in the long run.
Items that are no longer wanted can be donated to charity and you may be eligible for a tax deduction.

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