Time to Buy? or Sell?

PREMISE:Your home appreciated 15% over the last two years. Would knowing this make a difference in whether you scaled down now or later? With the uncertainty of interest rates, terrorism, etc.- maybe now is a time to consider selling a large investment.

PREMISE:New construction in your area is still alive and kicking. Why buy a “used” home when a buyer can pick carpet colors and negotiate a better price from a builder by sizing down the third living area. If time is on your side, waiting might be the best initiative. If moving is eminent, proper pricing is crucial.

Jane Idzi, Partner and Broker Associate with Keller Williams Elite- Park Cities, can help you decide whether now is the time to consider selling or buying by showing you hard numbers and yearly comparisons of residential sales in either your residential area or an area of interest to you. A Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) will further show you the dollar range in which your home would likely sell in the present market. This CMA will itemize all of the homes similar to your home that have sold in your immediate area within the last 6 months and homes presently on the market with pricing/listing history.

Jane feels that technology and strategic planning are necessary in today’s real estate market. Residential sales differ from commercial in that they are really more of a warm, fuzzy, personal purchase. “A home is where you share memories, build futures and raise children. It’s always difficult to see your own home in the black and white context of market price, sale history and public presentation”. A Professional Realtor helps bridge this gap for a home owner. In the same vain, when purchasing a home you want the best possible price. The property that a buyer decides on is actually someone else’s “home”. A Professional Realtor can help bridge this gap as well in negotiating the best price while also respecting the seller’s history and working out issues associated with the sale for the buyer. A realtor actually serves as a “whipping post”, so to speak, while keeping the relationships between buyers and sellers in good stead.

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Jane S. Idzi Jane Idzi specializes in the Park Cities and areas south of LBJ/635 including Lake Forest, Devonshire, Preston Hollow, and the historical districts of M-Streets and Munger Place. She has earned the coveted e-Pro Certification in addition to CCRC and Historic Home Specialist and is a member of the Texas Association of Realtors, the MetroTex Association of Realtors, Dallas Chamber of Commerce and Dallas Network Connection.She was voted a DMagazine’s Dallas Top Realtor for 2005.Her website, www.idzi.com, boasts over 12,900 individual visitors a month and over 467,000 hits a month. She can be reached at 214-522-7997.